I think it would be a joyess occasion if maybe sometime we could braid each others hair~Rapunzel, Princess of Corona


Hello your majesty! My name is knowyourhero/Derpy Whooves! I wanna know, how do you make people like you so much?

Darling, it’s all in the hair. 


You would be amazed the amount of times I find myself in this kind of situation with him.

*hisses under his breath* Aragorn you’re -embarrassing- me!

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Did you ever have an emo phase as a teen? Cause you were wearing quite a bit of eyeliner when you captured Gloin and the other dwarves

Hey everyone goes through an experimental phase, alright? I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mortal. 

Anonymous asked:
Would you ever take a human wife? Cause I know a lot that would happily volunteer ;)

Get in line.