Horrible day. Elrond went missing again. I got into a screaming match and had to fire a staff member because he spoke ill of Madonna - mind you I was in the middle of doing my hair. All the clothing I’ve decided I wanted to purchase on-line is too inexpensive. Heard that Galadriel’s acne is healing. Had to sit in court for another eight ass-numbing hours. It’s just been a difficult day for me. 

Perhaps I should put on some clothing and find my son/best bitch/drinking companion. 

Excellent day! Ran into Elrond reading in his favorite quiet spot in the wine cellars on my way out to the Guard and discussed a very interesting essay on armor plating over a freshly opened Dorwinion. Galion brought me the pair of shoes I ordered and you’ll never guess- my soldiers received a false order that they were to listen to Madonna all day today. Threw a wild dance party on the edge of the forest! Drank more wine. Galadriel called me to tell me she’s shipping me new hunting boots on the account of the wonderful face cream I lent her.

Plus, court is endlessly more fascinating intoxicated. Who knew!

Ah, look! *beaming* Here comes Ada now… and he has more wine.

Anonymous asked:
How do you not run out of arrows while hunting orcs? Do elves secrete them out of their backs?

I am a prince, I do not produce secretions. I am merely responsible with my ammunition. 



Lee Pace / Thranduil • BTS + Scene

Nice marshmallow you’re wearing, ionneg.

Listen, I know whats fashionable in the realms of men, okay? Northface is all the rage. You just don’t understand men’s fashion. 

Me, when someone tries to take a picture before I put my face on in the morning.

Me, when someone tries to take a picture before I put my face on in the morning.

Anonymous asked:
are you still married to elladan. i used to rp w/you guys like 3 years ago lmfao how are things

RP…I have no knowledge of this word in which you speak. Also, I highly suggest you do not find things so humorous as to laugh off your behind, no one likes a flat booty.

"One has to pay dearly for immortality; one has to die several times while one is still alive." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Anonymous asked:
What's up with Aragorn's rugged manliness? Seems like a guilty pleasure of yours...

But what is Aragorn’s manliness? ‘Tis but a fairness the fair must learn to understand, the flowers of summer turning copper, crimson and gold, the sound of a brook babbling softly against brutal cuts of stone. ‘Tis the smoky twinge of cedar in a fine wine, recalling the barrel from whence it aged, the crackle of a log breaking into embers. ‘Tis the age of man- proud and strong despite war and despair, the whiff of ale and mutton amongst the legions, cold steel against a whetstone. How can one make a guilty pleasure of these things? How can so perfectly stubbly a chin be reduced to so little?  Nay, say I, nay. The manliness of the Elessar is a lifestyle that one can only hope to consort with, to dream of…   

I have no idea what you’re talking about. *sighs* Mortals these days.

Follow me back? I have a feeling presence would help you deal with the intensity of the fan girls.. Just a thought.

Fangirl, I am a prince, THEE prince. 100 years winner of the Sexiest Elf in Middle Earth (courtesy of Immortal Magazine and countless others), Winner of the National Archer’s Foundation Longest Range and Most Accurate Shot Awards, Chair Person of the Board of Directors of the Fashion for Famine Fund, Son of Thranduil of the Mirkwood Realm: The Best and Prettiest. 

I don’t follow, I get followed.